Royal Arch Chapter

Passing the veils

Royal Arch Chapter
Passing the Veils

A ceremony not to be missed

The current Royal Arch ceremonies which are practised today were established and agreed in 1834 by Supreme Grand Chapter. Before 1834, the ceremony of Passing the Veils was practised as a preliminary to the Exaltation ceremonyin Lodges under the former Antients Grand Lodge which worked the Royal Arch ceremony within the Craft Lodge.

Passing the Veils Ceremony

Croft 3310 Royal Arch Chapter – “Passing the Veils”
15 November @ 7:00 pm
Blyth Masonic Hall

Today in England the ceremony is solely authorised for use in Chapters in Bristol. Special dispensation must be obtained from Supreme Grand Chapter before the Ceremony of the Veils can be performed in any other Province under the English Constitution. Even then, any dispensation normally restricts demonstrations to a maximum of just one per year.

The Provincial Royal Arch Chapter Information Group with special dispensation perform this ceremony each year and if you’re lucky you may even be asked to be the candidate! This ceremony is one not to be missed, not only due to it’s frequency of demonstration, but more importantly it provides unique insight and teachings of a step ancient Freemasons took.