Freemasons and their family and friends enjoyed a fun evening this weekend at the annual Japanese Night fundraiser held this year at Fujiyama Restaurant in Newcastle.

The Teppanyaki banquet was a feast of 7 courses where the chef cooks on a hot plate in front of the diners.  At one point during the meal diners were offered the opportunity to ‘get involved’ and event organiser, WBro Dave Watson, failed miserably at his attempt to sink an eggshell down a hole in the hotplate.  Dave is a fantastic event organiser but a dreadful golfer however many of the other diners fared much worse with eggs flying about all over the place - lots of fun and lots of laughter.

The event raised almost £500 for the Northumberland Masonic Charity Association which will go towards our 2020 Festival fundraiser target.  WBro Dave ended a wonderful evening thanking his team of volunteers and all the diners for yet again making this annual event one of the highlights of our masonic social calendar.