Provincial Support Team

"Supporting and enabling lodges through strategic and measured involvement"

Provincial Support Team

"Supporting and enabling lodges through strategic and measured involvement"

The Provincial Support Team offers assistance to Lodges in Northumberland Province who are in need of support.  Members of the Team will assist in ceremonies, fill offices and deliver large pieces of Masonic ritual. The team helps, wherever possible and when requested, to support Lodges struggling with falling membership helping to put them on a pathway to self-sufficiency.

The Provincial Support Team was established in 1999 by our then Provincial Grand Master of Northumberland, the late RWBro. George Usher.   Assistant Provincial Grand Master, WBro. Brian Denton leads the team on behalf of the Provincial Grand Master.

Helping out at Lodge meetings is just one part of the support that Lodges who request the assistance of the team will receive.   The team will work with the Lodge to develop an action plan – a roadmap to self-sufficiency which will detail the specific support that the Support Team can provide and also outline what the Lodge itself will do to develop during this period.  This action plan will be agreed by Lodge members, the Lodge’s Reporting Grand Officer and members of the Support Team and will be used throughout the period of support to monitor the Lodge’s progress to self-sufficiency. 

It all starts with a plan!

 Lodges should download the Provincial Support Team Plan which provides full details of how the team will support Lodges requiring assistance.

The Provincial Support Team will provide effective support to a Lodge for a period up to three years by:

  • Support Team members taking office up to Senior Deacon.
  • Support Team members assisting with ritual as and when required as part of that support.
  • Providing a number of regular visiting brethren.
  • Having a Support Team visit within this period.
  • Providing talks

If a Lodge is in need of support, then please contact your Reporting Grand Lodge Officer or the Provincial Secretary who will be happy to advise further.

The Provincial Support Team are always on the lookout for new members.  Joining the team opens up opportunities for members to make advancements in masonic knowledge and gain experience in delivering ritual and participating in ceremonies.  Members of the Team are Past Masters, Provincial and Grand Officers all of whom voluntarily give of their time.  Members pay for their own meals when dining, so there is no cost to any Lodge that asks for help and support.

If you are interested in joining the team contact WBro Peter Younger Secretary of the Support Team.

Join the Provincial Support Team

If you're interesting in joining the Provincial Support Team