Light Blues Club

Northumberland Light Blues Club

Welcome to Northumberland Light Blues Club

The Light Blues Club was founded to bring new Freemasons together with the aim of giving newer Brethren a way to meet and to socialise and support each other on their masonic journey. Founded in 2013 and was named The Light Blues Club in recognition that all Master Masons wear a light blue apron.

We meet informally every month to plan activities and to welcome new Freemasons into the Craft.  There are regular social and charitable events and a diverse programme of group Lodge visits.  Each of our Masonic Halls in the Province of Northumberland has one or more co-ordinators who are responsible for welcoming and supporting new Freemasons and co-ordinating visits and social events locally.

To support and encourage all Light Blue Masons, to get them along and feel part of our group visits and meetings
To educate all Light Blue Masons in the finer points of Freemasonry and be source of knowledge
To enthuse all Light Blue masons and ensure we are all getting the most out of our Freemasonry

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