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Teddies for Loving Care

Raising funds for the supply of cuddly toys to Accident & Emergency units for children in severe distress.

Teddies distributes to A&E Units

What Purpose does giving bears serve?
It has been identified that when children are first admitted into A&E units they are usually very distressed, frightened, and in many cases, in considerable pain. By providing a teddy bear for them to focus on when they first arrive, medical staff can then carry out their examinations and diagnostics checks more effectively and efficiently, thereby reducing the time needed to identify the patient’s problem, increasing the opportunity to provide and apply the appropriate treatment, which in turn hasten the patient’s recovery.

Where did the Appeal originate?
Over 8 years ago, the wife of an Essex Freemason suffered an allergic reaction causing her windpipe to close, which threatened her life. Fortunately their local A&E Unit were able to resuscitate her. Her husband was so grateful he ended up discussing matters with his Lodge to see if they could come up with something useful as a way of thanking the Unit staff for helping his wife, and the idea of Teddies for Loving Care was born, and a new Charity created.

How can you donate?
Either through your Lodge as a collective Lodge donation, or as an individual direct personal donation. Either option to be directed to the particular fund raising Group which encompasses your lodge.
The Teddy Bear Appeal is certainly one of the finest and most worthwhile charities a Mason could support. Please help us to make this a success by giving us that support.